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R-shuttle unmanned electric van


At our company, we have the mission to make the last mile cheap. That's why we decided to develop an unmanned electric shuttle from scratch.
Our approach will increase the profit of freight shipping companies by 12 times. But the most important thing is to make the world safer and the air in cities clean.
LVC with driver
  • 35% Salary
  • 30% Fuel
  • 10% Amortization
  • 20% Repairs
  • 5% Profit
  • 6% Fuel
  • 20% Amortization
  • 10% Repairs
  • 64% Profit


Ralient is creating self-driving technology (software) and electric shuttle.
Ralient uses trained artificial intelligence to create unmanned vehicles. This allows us to achieve better results every time.
Due to the high level of computer vision, we do not use HD-maps.


Computer vision is the basic vision of a car, giving it the maximum amount of information.
Our computer vision system detects and recognizes all objects surrounding the vehicle, including traffic signals. We can segment the space and select the entire 3D objects.
Our neural networks can find lanes even if there is no road marking or the road is covered with snow, focusing on other objects.
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Objects, pedestrians, traffic lights, signs, lanes

Computer Vision


Ralient is the company that values ​​its employees above all because they are people developing the future.
Our technology has already been noted by Nvidia. Ralient became a member of the Nvidia Inception program, for companies that are developing machine vision and artificial intelligence.
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