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Just one camera and simple GNSS



We want to make the environment safer, friendlier and more ecological, reduce traffic congestion and increase the number of green spaces. The switch to self-driving vehicles will significantly reduce the number of vehicles in cities, improve the environment and effectively increase safety.
We want our children to forget that a car is dangerous.
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Sol intelligent self-driving system

Sol Self-driving system

Sol is an intelligent system based on convolutional and recurrent artificial neural networks.
Sol does not require upgrade of a vehicle. Sol can use cameras and radars, which are built-in in the car. Hence, it simplifies an integration of Sol into the vehicles. We base our technology on rejection of lidars. Sol can find and determine the distance, size and speed of objects using only cameras.


Ralient is the company that values ​​its employees above all because they are people developing the future.
Our technology has already been noted by Nvidia. Ralient became a member of the Nvidia Inception program, for companies that are developing machine vision and artificial intelligence.
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