We are Ralient

Designing the future now


We believe that technology should improve people's lives.
In the future, unmanned technologies will greatly facilitate the situation in the urban environment, freeing cities from traffic jams. Furthermore clean electric motors will improve the environment. The combination of these approaches in the freight industry will reduce shipping costs by 2,5 times.
Co-founders of the company Artem Krivich and Timur Ignatiev dedicated their careers to IT, have successful experience in project management, and have developed projects on computer vision and artificial intelligence. In 2018, they decided to join forces and created the company Ralient.
Ralient is trying to accelerate the advance of the future.


The Ralient is a team of the best graduates of leading universities in Russia and Belgium, such as St. Petersburg State University, ITMO University, St. Petersburg Polytechnic University and Howest University, known worldwide for their highly qualified training of programmers and engineers.
Team members are winners of the international Olympics and kaggle self-driving competitions.
Our technology has already been noted by Nvidia, inviting us to its Inception the program to support companies that develop machine vision and artificial intelligence.